Eddie Owens

On August 23, 2015 my life changed. While swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee on an early Sunday morning, I was hit by a motor boat. I nearly lost my life.
At 68 years old, this was one of the hardest challenges that I had to overcome. I suffered from a lot of pain. The mental part was challenging too. Not being able to go about my normal activities and do the things that I did in the past, has been very hard for me.
I am very thankful for the support I received from Marc Megna. With Marc’s help, I spent many hours in the gym strengthening my knees and improving my overall fitness. Marc has been very supportive both on my good and bad days. Marc has also helped me deal with the mental part of being in an accident. Thank you Marc for supporting me in my recovery!  – Eddie Owens 8/12/16

Malinka Max – FL

Being a model for most of my conscious life I was always aware of my body image, yet not satisfied with results I was getting from grueling cardio & endless yoga sessions. I was what they call “skinny-fat”, which means size 2 but no tone in my muscles and high body-fat measurements.  I’ve tried all kind of diets yet with age just grew into an average looking woman of size 6. You could not tell that I was working out 5-6 times a week, killing myself on treadmill for 1,5 hours…


That is when I met Marc Megna.  When he told me to stop doing daily cardio – I laughed in his face.

– And what, I asked, get fatter?!

– I am interested in getting you to your goals as much as you do, if not more, – Marc calmly replied. This is what I do. Let me put my knowledge to work, and you will see results in 3 months.

Hmmm, I thought to myself. I have nothing to lose but this this “stubborn softness” I got; so I went for it.

We started with a lot of core, balance and weightlifting. No cardio. I was worried: how can you loose weight and tone up with no cardio?  …But I went on with the program.

In three months with only 3 sessions per week I started to see my abs coming out, my legs got tighter and my derrière looked perkier in jeans. I felt better too! I wasn’t so tired all the time and my joints were not acting up as they normally would.  Wow, that is only 3 hours at the gym per week! I did light jogs/walks on the beach once a week, piled my plate up with organic veggies and fish and made sure I get plenty of rest.


Now I am 15lb lighter, size 2, I don’t get headaches and fatigue as I used to from exhausting cardio hours. For all of this: my looks, my health and my self-confidence I have only one man to thank: MARC MEGNA.  Thank you Marc for changing many lives with your contagious positive energy, your knowledge, your attention to details and constant motivation; one client at the time!


William O’Brien – FL

Before I fully committed to the bodybuilding.com 12- week body transformation challenge, I called Marc Megna. While Marc and I were talking on the phone, he said to me, “you will win this competition.”

From day one, Marc truly believed in me. He gave me the motivation to stay committed and keep positive throughout the competition.  I knew that if I put my trust in him and his knowledge about the body and nutritional needs, there would be no way I couldn’t succeed. Over the 12-week challenge, I was able to lose 47 lbs. of body fat and gain several pounds of lean muscle mass. Every step of the way, Marc was with me; He pushed me and motivated me to accomplish the goals I had set out to accomplish.

Marc went above and beyond my expectations and truly showed me he cared about my transformation as much as I did. Marc’s knowledge about everything from training to nutrition is what allowed me to make this transformation possible. There was no secret exercises or secret foods to eat. Marc had a plan and a vision of what I needed to do and that’s exactly what we did. I followed the plan to a T and was able to transform my body.

I have done several different diets and exercise programs throughout my life but I have never had a program as comprehensive as Marc’s. I have also never had a support system like the one Marc provides. Marc’s positivity was truly motivating and when the going got tough, I was able to push through with the confidence of knowing that Marc believed in me.

I am in the best shape of my life and I have Marc to thank for it!! “Dream Big, Never quit!”

Miriam – Miami Beach, FL

My trainer, who evolved into one of my biggest supporters, motivators, and all around great friend, introduced me to a fabulous nutritionist. She helped take me to the next level. With her nutrition expertise and my trainer’s vast knowledge of fitness, I lost another 15 lbs. I felt on top of the world. No one could stop me!