Team Megna

Marc Megna, CSCS – Personal Trainer/Sports Performance Coach


Marc Megna has evolved into the foremost strength and conditioning coach in Miami. The former NFL football player is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has years of experience in this field. Megna works with a wide variety of clients, from celebrities, professional athletes and novices. Marc develops individualized workout regimens for his patrons, focusing on long-term goals and results. These objectives are achieved through creative programming and diverse exercise routines, including Crossfit. Marc is also a sponsored performance coach for Iovate Health Sciences and endorses their Muscletech supplement line.

As a former professional athlete, Megna is an expert on proper training methods, working through injuries and attaining competitive goals. Megna played football at the University of Richmond (where he majored in sociology) and was a two-time All-American athlete. After college, he was drafted by the New York Jets in 1999. His gridiron career spanned several seasons in the NFL and CFL for the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals and Montreal Alouettes. He was coached by NFL greats like Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Dick Lebeau.

After retiring from football, the Massachusetts native settled in Miami, where he began inspiring others with his demanding fitness regimens and, more importantly, the impressive results of this hard work. Megna trains clients of every walk of life, and can tailor a program for the most serious athlete to the motivated beginner. He writes about health for Mensfitness, Maximum Fitness,, and Elite Fitness Systems.

Adele Fridman


Adele Fridman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Competitor, Certified Personal Trainer and a Sports Nutrition Teacher for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Adele overcame her own weight loss struggles to become the founder of MetaBody, Inc. and is now recognized as North America’s Premier Transformation Coach. With a mission to make a positive difference in the health and the lives of as many people as possible, Adele developed the unique 3-Step Weight Loss program, by providing the most effective weight control program available anywhere.

Adele is a highly respected motivational speaker who travels across North America reaching out to those who want to make a difference in their lives. Her empowering and life changing workshops and bootcamps can be seen in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles. Adele has also expanded her workshops and boot camps to tropical destinations for week long health and wellness retreats.

Adele also works one-on-one with women and men of all ages turning them into “Before and After” weight loss success stories. Her success stories have been featured in national magazine ads and TV commercials. Her success stories have appeared in Oxygen, Men’s Health, Fitness Rx for Women, Shape, Muscle & Fitness and numerous other publications. Adele works with top CEOs, doctors and everyone from overweight moms who want to lose a few extra pounds to fitness models like Melanie Tillbrook and elite level athletes like UFC fighter, Nate Marquardt.

Her passion for health and wellness has lead her to become a Sports Nutrition Teacher for the nationally accredited Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Adele is completing her first book, collection of nutrition/exercise videos and so much more! Adele’s dedication is a reflection of her life’s passion and her journey has only just begun.

Adele lives in Thornhill, Ontario with her husband and daughter. Her family provides added motivation to continue working with other moms and families spreading her message of health and wellness.

Jaime Rojas, NLP Master & Life Coach, Fitness Specialist


A Colombia native, 31 year old Jaime was not always the superior athlete and Life Coach he is today. Like most, Jaime’s success story is not free of the many trials and tribulations that we all encounter during our life journey. Initially handicapped by a respiratory condition at a very young age, Jaime found little success in the realm of sports. Fueled by his burning desire to prove himself and overcome his obstacles, Jaime persevered and never stopped believing in himself. Eventually, he became a triathlete for Hollywood Ocean Rescue and acquired numerous certifications including N.S.A.M, N.F.P.T, KETTLE BELL C.P.R, and A.E.D. But even then, Jaime was only human. Overcome by a moment of weakness, in the epitome of his youth, Jaime found himself behind bars for almost four year.

In jail, Jaime lost his freedom, his life, and his desire to live. After spending nearly 9 months trying to commit suicide, Jaime realized that his only option was not to end his life, but to change it. His mission became to change it in a way that he had never changed it before, and to eventually lead others to those long-lasting changes that equate to a higher quality of life. He longed to get back to his career, and be able to provide even greater services to his clients. Jaime could change his client’s bodies through exercise, but he wanted to change the way they looked at and experience life.

After serving his time and emerging with a new found courage, passion, and inner fire to change his life and that of others, Jaime began working on his Life Coach certification, and achieved a prestigious certification as an NLP Master Coach. Through this intensive training, Jaime acquired the knowledge to empower himself and those he works with to make long lasting changes to improve quality of life. The life coaching process is the only improvement process that allows Jaime to focus completely on his clients, helping them establish control over the goals and the results they achieve. As a Life Coach, Jaime partners with his clients in seeing them improve and grow as a person as the means to achieve their goals. Through his coaching process, Jaime assures that his clients have the mind-body awareness to achieve goals; fitness or otherwise.

Jaime’s training knows no bounds. His heart and desire to see other immerge from the depths of an unsatisfying life is beyond description. Jaime will soon add yet another title to his name-author. His eagerness to share his knowledge and experience to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible has led him to write a few books that will soon be released. With his books, Jaime hopes to expand his reach to an unimaginable audience, leading people across the globe to a more satisfying and rewarding life. As an eternal student, Jaime continues to add skills and wisdom to his resume. He is currently a loyal student of Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins and Brian Weiss, as a new means of helping some of his clients.

Jaime customizes his programs and approach, tailoring it to his client’s needs and wants in life. In the end, his clients find themselves internally motivated and capable of setting and achieving goals independently. No goal is impossible. Jaime is living proof that no matter where you are in life, even if its rock bottom, you can emerge victorious. He is here to help you do the same. Jaime has taken a client who could barely swim across a pool, and has helped transform him into a hard-coretriathlete. His training and philosophy has proven successful with his extensive list of clients, ranging in all ages and backgrounds including children, athletes, and even celebrities such as Latin superstar Willie Chirino. That list will soon include you!