How I met Marc Megna By Malinka Max

By Malinka Max:

Being a model for most of my conscious life I was always aware of my body image, yet not satisfied with results I was getting from grueling cardio & endless yoga sessions. I was what they call “skinny-fat”, which means size 2 but no tone in my muscles and high body-fat measurements.  I’ve tried all kind of diets yet with age just grew into an average looking woman of size 6. You could not tell that I was working out 5-6 times a week, killing myself on treadmill for 1,5 hours…


That is when I met Marc Megna.  When he told me to stop doing daily cardio – I laughed in his face.

– And what, I asked, get fatter?!

– I am interested in getting you to your goals as much as you do, if not more, – Marc calmly replied. This is what I do. Let me put my knowledge to work, and you will see results in 3 months.

Hmmm, I thought to myself. I have nothing to lose but this this “stubborn softness” I got; so I went for it.

We started with a lot of core, balance and weightlifting. No cardio. I was worried: how can you loose weight and tone up with no cardio?  …But I went on with the program.

In three months with only 3 sessions per week I started to see my abs coming out, my legs got tighter and my derrière looked perkier in jeans. I felt better too! I wasn’t so tired all the time and my joints were not acting up as they normally would.  Wow, that is only 3 hours at the gym per week! I did light jogs/walks on the beach once a week, piled my plate up with organic veggies and fish and made sure I get plenty of rest.


Now I am 15lb lighter, size 2, I don’t get headaches and fatigue as I used to from exhausting cardio hours. For all of this: my looks, my health and my self-confidence I have only one man to thank: MARC MEGNA.  Thank you Marc for changing many lives with your contagious positive energy, your knowledge, your attention to details and constant motivation; one client at the time!