Interview Marc Megna


How and when did you start

As a child, I wasn’t very athletic, let’s face it I was never picked to play on any teams. I was lazy, very out of shape and had the self-esteem of a wallflower. One summer my grandfather took me to the local boys and girls club to teach me how to weight train. It was strange but I felt better after each training session and I was hooked on the feeling. The next summer I begged my mother for one thing as my birthday gift, a 1-year membership at the local gym. Until this day I will tell you that decision changed my whole life (way to go mom!). Fitness and health became a priority, it was my ultimate escape. My freshman year in high school something happened and my body caught up to my work ethic and the rest is history. With my new found confidence and athletic ability, I wanted to play every sport I could including Football, Ice-hockey and Baseball etc. I loved to move and be active. Eventually I focused on just one, Football. I was offered a full scholarship to play ball at a great school and became a two-time All-American athlete. I ended up getting drafted by the New York Jets and played in the league for a few years. I was coached by NFL greats like Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Dick Lebeau. Towards the end of my pro career I was training with a group of teammates based on programs I had designed. One of my teammates turned to me and said you should be getting paid to do this. It was like the light bulb turned on. I can continue to do something I love and get paid to do it! SWEET!

I went on to get certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and have evolved into the foremost strength and conditioning coach based in Miami. I have been fortunate to have trained and studied under some of the top strength coaches in the world like Mike Woicik, John Lott, and Pete Bommarito.