Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Germany for work. My trip turned into an amazing learning experience. I had the opportunity to experience a full body Cryotherapy chamber made by Zimmer Medicine Systems. I had researched this treatment for athletes in the past and believed that this natural therapeutic process gave the best results when applied in sporting activities for its enhanced recovery.

I was fortunate enough to be at one of the leading facilities in the world for sports performance and experienced first hand this incredible treatment. Let me explain, using cold to fight inflammation is a well-known treatment.


At this performance facility they have developed and produced an optimum Cyrotherapy chamber. I experienced the chamber for 1 minute before training and 3 minutes post training. Entering the chamber is a bit nerve racking. It’s extremely cold and you immediately want to exit for warmth. I stuck it out and hung in the entire time. However when I exited the chamber I had ice on my eyebrows and I had trouble formulating sentences. The treatment was invigorating and allowed a more intense training session. Post training I felt like I hadn’t worked out at all. The Chamber cost around $500,000 and is very large in size.

Of course this treatment is not for everyone, I just wanted to share this experience with you all, as a trainer and athlete, I am always looking and researching for ways to help/enhance the training experience and recovery more efficiently. The Zimmer Cryo-chamber definitely sits at the top of the list.