Melanie Tillbrook at the NPC USA’s

If you have been following me on facebook and Twitter you would know that I have been training Melanie Tillbrook in preparation for the NPC USA’s which took place a few weeks ago.


I wanted to take this time to highlight her dedication to health and fitness and the passion and persistence she had during her months of intense training and dieting.  Not only did she look, lean, fit, healthy, she also lost 17 pounds.  Her nutrition plan by Adele Fridman of Metabody provided her with everything she needed to attain her goals and remain healthy and fuelled throughout all the training.

She made it to the 10 finalists and stood out in every category.  I wanted to give her the praise and recognition she deserved in proving that hard work, discipline, passion and a support system are key in any success you are looking to attain.  She proved to be a positive role model to many and motivate them to keep at it, no matter how hard and no matter if you are not number one at the end of it all; though to all of us, who watched her, encouraged her and rooted for her, she is the winner!!

So proud of you Melanie!!