An Inspirational Story by Jeff Caron.

Meet my good friend Jeff Caron from back home in Fall River Massachusetts. Here’s his story and journey to reaching his health and fitness goals.


Essentially, I woke up on Jan 1st at 295 lbs. I was sick of sweating after I ate, wearing huge terrible clothes and being tired all the time. I was embarrassed when I saw people and they commented on how big I had become. I decide to do something about it. I signed up for the Fall River Fitness Challenge. I figured that it would give me a time frame to work with; a weight loss schedule, followed by a plan to achieve the desired results. I also knew that if I “put myself out there” and say I am going to do something- then I am going to feel the pressure to do it.

I began watching what I ate. I ate more often- breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, post workout snack. I concentrated on some basic principles, but no set “diet”. I consumed most carbs before noon, reduced/eliminated sugars by kicking; cookies, milk, coca cola and ate a lot of protein by eating egg whites, tuna, chicken, steak (occasionally) ate more salad and veggies and did not eat at night. That was pretty much it.

I began interval training. Jump rope interval, jog/sprint interval and 30-30’s on treadmill with incline. I also lifted light weights/high reps with minimal rest and jumping rope between each set.


With Marc’s help and the help of others I lost 98 lbs and got down to 196 lbs, this occurred from Jan 10th – May 20th. I have since put on around 10 lbs because some of the weight I lost during camp was water and I felt a little too thin at 196. I am currently trying to maintain a weight under 210 lbs: by continuing to eat small portions more often and staying active through exercise. I have recently taken to the street and hope to run 5k this summer before participating in a Marathon relay in October.