What’s In My Gym Bag


If I’m not being asked about my eating habits I am being asked what’s in my gym bag! I admire curiosity and the questions that come with it, so I thought I’d empty out the gym bag and show you what’s inside!

Respect the GASP bag. The space and pockets are perfect for my organizational obsession!

TRX band- this is the perfect “anywhere gym” and I take this with me everywhere.

Jump stretch bands- I can add resistance to any movement with these bad boys and they’re great for stretching too!

Versa Grip Hand wrist wraps- I prefer to go without wraps for as many sets as possible but lets face it we all need help when you get into the heavy sets.

Polar heart Rate Monitor/Watch- I have been using this thing forever. It’s essential for tracking progress during interval sessions as well as keeping track of caloric burn.

Gym Boss Timer- A great accessory if you are doing any timed events or circuit training. Such a simple tool but so helpful.

Flip camera-new to my bag but I have been taking it with me everywhere as there’s always an opportunity to film.

Ipod-Music is an absolute must! . I have everything from country to rap, movie quotes and audio books on my Ipod. Words to the wise; never go anywhere without a charger, there is nothing worse than being ready to train and your battery dies.

Chalk- I like to chalk up when we hit our big boy lifts; cleans, dead lifts…..

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out, it’s all about the interaction and getting to know each other.

Wouldn’t mind knowing what’s in your gym bag!