Why Weights are more Beneficial for Body Fat Loss as Opposed to Straight Cardio

Get it Straight! Weights are better for fat loss

The many myths of working out and fat loss can certainly get your head spinning. You’re not sure what to believe, but you do know that losing body fat is part of your fitness goal. It is very common for one to assume that cardio training is the ticket to body fat loss when in reality, you end up selling yourself short on the results you can potentially have if only you stuck with weights! Let me save you the time and help you to achieve your fitness goal of body fat reduction by setting something straight. Lifting weights is most effective for body fat reduction when it is done correctly.

Don’t Work Against Yourself!

Fat loss is associated with boosting ones metabolic rate both short and long term. Hours preceding an intense workout that consisted of weights, your metabolic rate is increased. This increase is permanent and will help maintain your lean muscle mass. On the other hand, you have cardio which raises your metabolic rate but for a short amount time. We are talking up to two hours after your aerobic workout. In comparison, this means that you will benefit more from the weights versus the cardio because you burn more calories. If you’re thinking to yourself that you plan on overdoing cardio, this will not work either! To the contrary, it will but it will work against you which can be so disappointing. It will decrease your lean body mass, which reduces your metabolism, which ultimately works in opposition of your fat loss goals.

Altering Your Body Composition

True that cardio can help you to lose weight, I completely agree! But that does not mean it does so as effective as with weight training. Without a doubt it certainly has its health benefits. However, just because going on a run can help you drop a few pounds it still will not alter your overall body composition. Weights will and isn’t that what we want? This is because you are replacing that fat with muscle. With weights you are overall improving your body makeup plus dropping unwanted fat.

A Study to Prove a Point

If your still having trouble getting it all straight perhaps a study will help to show you just how much more beneficial weights are for fat loss versus cardio. In an abstract published in the Annal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the objective was to determine if cardio or weight training was better for fat loss. One group of individuals ran on a treadmill while taking dietary measures, another group pursued weight lifting as well as ate a proper diet, and lastly, a control group. This took place for a period of 41 months and can you guess what the result concluded? Drum roll please! Shockingly, the highest group which lost the most fat was seen in those who incorporated the weight training. As a matter of fact they lost double the amount of fat than those who just did cardio.

So now you should have a better idea of why weight training is more beneficial for your fat loss goals versus just cardio. Next time you go to hop on that treadmill, don’t waste your time! Instead, use weights and get the most out of your workout!